Carden Agrippa

Human warlock(swordmage)/X


Carden Agrippa

Race: Human Class:Warlock (swordmage) Alignment:neutral Level:6


Passive Perception: 13 Passive Insight : 18 Initiative:+8 HP: 55(0)=55+() Bloodied: 27 -2 healing surges







Attack:3+1+(key ability)(proficiency for melee)(1 if closest)=

Feats: Blade initiate, Intelligent Blademaster, Rapier Proficiency, Improved Fate of the Void, Sacrifice to Caiphon

Skills trained:Arcana, Religion, Insight, Intimidate, Bluff, Thievery





Powers: At Will: Eldrich Blast Dire Radiance Hellish Rebuke

Encounter: Diabolic grasp Vampiric Embrace

Daily: Armor of Agathys Hunger of Hadar Swordmage Warding

Utility: ethereal stride Spider Scuttle

Gear: 160 gold+333 Standard Adventuring set everburning torch Pact Blade +1 (Boots of Free Movement) cloak of distortion+1 Deathcut armor +1 Burning gauntlets


Carden is a male human in his late twenties. His hair is a dark brown, prematurely greying and slicked carefully back. His eyes are a drab, dim brown, often overshadowed by his heavy brow, and glazed somewhat with exhaustion. Though usually shaved clean as is fashionable among Roman youth, Carden has as of late cared little for his appearance, and his poorly shaven jaw reflects this; a perpetual few-days-scruff covers his face, never seeming to grow any longer or shorter than that.

Though tall, he lacks much of a musculature—A fact which he masks with large fitted coats and mantles indicative of his wealthy background. He carries with him an assortment of astronomical implements which are kept in immaculate condition and frequently used. He wears a reddening black jerkin with a matching pair of traveling trousers and boots, as well as a burnished bronze rapier which he has ample skill with.

His face is a mask of perpetual frustration with those around him, stifled a bit with a constant effort to preserve his dignity, whatever the situation.

Carden Agrippa

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